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CE marking for protective fence mandatory regulated

Certificated safety in a machine-controlled environment is clearly marked with the CE marking. But it is not only machines that must comply with a wide range of standards and norms according to the Machinery Directive, or MRL for short. Manufacturers of safety fence systems must also comply with the defined obligations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC in the form of the 9th Ordinance to the Product Safety Act (9th ProdSGV) and provide their systems with a CE marking.

Brühl protective fence systems completely CE-compliant

All safety fence systems marketed by Brühl are CE marked as a whole and fully comply with the defined specifications of the Machinery Directive. Thanks to ISO 9001:2015 quality-monitored manufacturing, an extremely robust and stable product design, and the application of advanced technologies, machine manufacturers rely on CE-compliant quality and safety with Brühl safety fence systems. In addition to compliance with the EN ISO 17000:2004 DIN standard for a protective fence system, Brühl also ensures the preparation and transmission of the CE declaration of conformity upon delivery of a complete protective fence system.

"For our customers and us, CE marking is an important milestone and of far-reaching strategic significance. We are thus providing the basis for the systemic safety of our products in connection with the Machinery Directive. Our customers and partners are among the first to benefit."

Managing Director
Heinrich Brühl

CE marking of safety components

The complex CE conformity procedure, which manufacturers or distributors of safety fence systems must go through before commissioning in accordance with the MRL (Machinery Directive), includes the following requirements:

1. safety components comply with the applicable essential health and safety requirements

2. all technical documentation is available

3. all relevant information (operating instructions) is available

4. carry out conformity assessment procedures incl. complete procedural documentation

5. issue and transmit EC declaration of conformity

6. affix CE marking to protective fence system.

Safety fences: part of the Machinery Directive

According to the current guideline for the application of the Machinery Directive, protective fence systems are defined as so-called safety components. According to the directive, one speaks of a relevant safety component requiring CE marking if

  • it serves to ensure a safety function

  • it is placed on the market separately

  • the failure and/or malfunction endangers the safety of persons

  • it is not necessary for the functioning of the machine or can be replaced by components usual for the functioning of the machine

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