Service & Support

Brühl all-round safe service

Offering the optimum solution for every application is
Brühl's top priority. With a wide range of services,
therefore deliberately focuses on a comprehensive supplement to our high-quality protective equipment for mechanical and plant engineering. Our experienced specialists accompany and support you with the all-round safe service at in all matters relating to the development, testing and maintenance of protective fence solutions -
directly on site and remotely.

Telephone support

Do you have questions, suggestions or need help planning a new protective device? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to your call!

Risk assessment

Support for risk assessment 

The risk assessment required by law is an indispensable step on the way to CE marking, for every machine and plant manufacturer. On the basis of the risk assessment of our customers and interested parties, we support them with the correct design of a protective device, especially for questions regarding special applications.

We are already at your side in the design phase, but also on the finished product, and advise you on the Machinery Directive and the relevant standards for machine and plant safety.

Machine damage is expensive - human damage tragic

More safety on plant and machinery can prevent serious accidents or even fatalities. The safeguarding of machines that can pose a danger to employees should therefore be a top priority for those responsible.

We advise machine and plant operators in accordance with the statutory guidelines of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) and, as the most important service feature, bring our many years of experience in the creation and adaptation of protective devices into the analysis process of the hazard and risk assessment.

Safety check

"Accident investigations in manufacturing companies indicate that protective devices on machines are apparently being deliberately manipulated." This is described in an investigation/study by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for the Metal Industry, which is available in full as a download under the heading "Trade Press". To counteract such manipulations and the resulting liability for machine and plant operators, Brühl Safety GmbH offers an annual safety check. This safety check includes an inspection of relevant safety equipment in connection with the standards DIN EN 12100, EN 294, EN 811, EN 953 and EN 1088. 

Gate testing according to ASR A1.7

Carefully documented

Regular testing of power-operated machine safety gates is mandatory under ASR A1.7 (formerly BGR 232). Depending on the number of strokes and the area of application, Brühl tests both its own systems and makes of other manufacturers by in-house specialists, including the necessary test documentation.


Maintenance and care - responsibility beyond the sale

The completion of a project does not have to be its end. Careful maintenance and care increase the service life and functionality of the protective equipment. For this reason, the Brühl company offers regular inspection or maintenance of power-operated doors and gates on request.


Assembly service worldwide

We offer our customers professional installation of guards. We do not limit ourselves to the German-speaking area, but have a worldwide assembly service by our experienced specialists. In the past we realized installations and assemblies around the globe, e.g. in China, Korea, the USA and Mexico.

Initial assembly

Although all Brühl Safety products are characterized by extremely simple assembly (1-man assembly) and detailed assembly instructions are included with every project, we offer our new customers support during initial assembly. This ensures a smooth and cost-effective installation process for you, our customers.

CAD data

For precise planning and creation of Brühl protective equipment, you can download configurable 3D CAD files in your individually required file format from our 2D and 3D CAD download portal. This gives you access to all of Brühl's existing 3D components, making your planning on an in-house CAD system easier and possible right from the start.


Consulting and project support

Individual consulting and planning reliability from a single source. Whether with a detailed analysis before the actual development begins or with competent support from our own project manager, Brühl creates perfect framework conditions for every project - from start to finish.

3D and 2D editing

Layout adaptation to your needs

Implement adaptation and modification requests directly in the project layout. With Brühl order and project processing and the associated 3D workstations, we guarantee comprehensive machine and plant engineering development, as well as adaptation to your needs.

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