Welding protection booths and laser protection booths
Welding and laser protection booth

Opaque shielding from smoke and toxic fumes

The 100% opaque welding and laser safety booths offer maximum protection from unwanted views of the arc and ensure effective shielding from smoke and toxic fumes. Thanks to their sophisticated design, they meet all applicable, industry-specific safety requirements and create a visually appealing working atmosphere.

The cassette system of the cabins enables effortless installation and fast commissioning. The robust design with minimal use of components promises low maintenance and long-lasting reliability. The cabins can be combined with our existing security products to create a comprehensive, high-quality security infrastructure. The integration of customer components is also possible.

The design, which combines aesthetics and safety, as well as the possibility of seamless integration into existing systems, quick assembly, cost efficiency and flexibility make this product so unique and valuable. The welding and laser safety cabins are used in the automotive industry, metal processing, robotics, electronics industry, medical technology, production companies and mechanical engineering, among others.



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