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Variety of colors
Fan made of colorful fences

Diverse design and development opportunities

For us, not all fences are the same. Just as your company has an individual personal touch, with Brühl your safety fence system can also become a highly individual product. With our Brühl safety fences, lift gates, and roll-up gates, as well as the matching switch solutions, we set limits exclusively within the framework you specify. Whether discreetly integrated or deliberately set apart from the rest, we at Brühl set no limits in terms of color. Our fence surfaces can be individually painted and finished in the color of your choice. One or two colors, special or standard colors, the choice is yours! For maximum durability, all elements of the desired protective fence system are also sandblasted and then powder-coated.

Brühl standard colors

You can freely design your protective device from the ten standard colors. Not the right color? For a small surcharge, you can choose from a variety of different RAL colors and freely design according to your corporate design. 

Illustration color palette Brühl

Brühl color diversity

From a variety of different RAL colors, you can freely design the protective device according to your corporate design

Single color guard

Two color guard

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