Container changing system (BWS) Manually operated
Container changing system Manually operated

Safe exchange zone to the production area

The container changing system from Brühl is used to safely accommodate predefined load carriers, e.g. pallets and pallet cages. It is developed individually according to the existing shelving system.

The alternately closing foil curtain is operated manually. When open at the front, the curtain closes the exchange zone at the rear and thus access to the danger zone. It is also possible, at the customer's request, to make access in the open position more difficult by means of a parapet.

For convenient operation, the blind is equipped with an ergonomic double handle, weight compensation and end position damping. An actuator for an initiator and a switch preparation in the sill can be fitted as an option. It is also possible to install an automatic locking mechanism and a traffic light system.

The system can be used universally.

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