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Safety Fence Systems

Brühl offers a broad variety of safety solution with its safety fence systems FLEX II, ZAUN II, WAND II, Aluminium ZAUN I, Edelstahl FLEX II and Edelstahl ZAUN II. Thus, its clients can be sure to receive to most adapted safety solution for their specific application. All safety fences are tested and certified by an indipendent institute.

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Safety Doors

The range of doors of Brühl is divided into the construction groups hinged doors, sliding doors, swing doors and special doors. In the catalogue there are product lists that contain - together with the technical specifications - a colored classification of the door fillings with the safety fence systems. On the single product pages there is also an reference to the specific accessories.

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When it comes to safety, one has to pay attention to the details. That is why Brühl pays attention to safety matters not only with regards to its doors and fence systems but also to accessories. It does not matter, if it is about a simple fence strap of stainless steel or even a wire mesh panel guard for securing conveyor system processes including the requested angle.

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Mounting systems for safety switches

In addition to all safety doors and gates, Brühl offers a comprehensive range of mounting systems for safety switches that meets every customer requirement. In doing so, Brühl relies on quality goods from well-known manufacturers as well as high-quality components from its own production. These products have proven their worth in thousands of applications in terms of handling and wear in the past.

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Stage elements / railings

Access platforms, overpasses and railings in accordance with safety standard DIN EN ISO 12122 Part 1-4 complete the range of standard system fences. Brühl is therefore in a position to offer the complete range of security products for mechanical and plant engineering as well as delivery from a single source.

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Color variety

In order to ensure the best possible color matching or, where necessary, a color differentiation of our customers' machinery and equipment, we offer you a large selection of standard colors.

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