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Sustainability at Brühl - Now with ISO 14001 certificate

At Brühl, we have always been concerned with safety. For this reason, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION is also a top priority for us. For decades, we have attached great importance to the separation and proper disposal of waste. In addition, we dispose of our spray cans in an environmentally friendly manner and use lubricants and paints that are reduced in harmful substances.

The sustainability concept can be found, for example, in our powder coating plants: For over ten years now, we have been using the waste heat from the compressors to heat our administration and a large part of our offices. In addition, we are able to use the surplus heat to heat the shower water for our employees in production.

In addition, we rely on online meetings wherever possible, which saves us a lot of fuel. In addition, we have already been in the process of converting our vehicle fleet to electric mobility for two years. Our goal: to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint and make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Our customers are aware of Brühl's sustainable environmental management - an important prerequisite for their loyalty over many years. To officially underscore our commitment to sustainable production, we have had our environmental management system certified to ISO 14001:2015. This internationally recognized standard contributes to a sensible and forward-looking balance between economic requirements and the prevention of environmental pollution. Only through the harmonious interaction of both aspects can we operate sustainably in the long term.

Certification of our environmental management system gives you greater confidence when it comes to dealing with Brühl products. You can rest assured that we will continue to strive to optimize our production processes in line with the principles of sustainability.

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