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Safety Fence Designer

Fast - Flexible - Efficient
Create safety fence courses

Who is the BRÜHL Safety Fence Designer designed for?

To designers who want to integrate protective fences for machines in their system layout.

To designers who would like to constructively use individual components of Brühl products. The Brühl Safety Fence Designer also includes a comprehensive 3D product catalog of the Flex II protective fence system.

What is the BRÜHL Safety Fence Designer able to do?

Create a realistic images of the protective devices in 3D views. Marketing support through realistic representation of the machine including protective equipment.

Planning of the fence course in single steps or over lines possible.

Fence planning on the basis of plant floor plans by importing dxf files. Reference points of a highlighted dxf file can be picked up.

Output of a dimensioned 2D derivation and integration into own drawings possible.

The products can be made available for further use via an export interface. Neutral formats can be generated in 2D (DWG) and 3D (STEP).

Output of all installed parts via a parts list for the order.


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