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Certainly individual - diverse design and development opportunities

For us, a fence is not just a fence. Just as your company has an individual personal touch, Brühl can also turn your safety fence system into a highly customized product. We set limits with our Brühl safety fences, lift and rolling doors as well as the appropriate switch solutions exclusively in the framework conditions you set. Whether subtly integrated or deliberately differentiated from the rest, in terms of colour, we have no limits at Brühl. Our fence surfaces can be individually painted and processed in your desired colour. One or two-colours, special or standard colours, you have the choice! For a maximum durability, all elements of the desired safety fence system are sandblasted and subsequently powder coated.

Standard colors

RAL colors

NCS colors

Galvanized surface

Layering of lacquer


The right color for your protective fence


1. Natural respect for black and  yellow 
This is often the users' erroneous opinion that safety fences must be painted according to the standard in a certain black/yellow combination. Thus, many warnings are also yellow and the proper labelling of hazard points also uses these colours. In the danger area, this is also useful, because - as the example "wasp" shows - the human being naturally sees this colour combination as a warning and is attentive.


2. Standard rules 
There is no regulation defining the coloring of a separating safety device. Only the danger points must be marked black-yellow. It is important to note that the safety device itself is not a hazard - therefore it must not be painted in warning colors. A safety device should be designed in such a way that it has no disadvantageous physiological and psychological effect. Practically, restlessness in production processes arises through yellow/black contrast. And: in order to identify the "real" danger sites as such, it may be useful to choose a different color for all other non-risk areas of the safety device.


3. Process control
In any case, it is advisable to choose a muted darker color for the fence itself - especially where you want to look at the process because these colours allow a better view through the grid. We use principally low-gloss level, which are more comfortable for the eye and reduce reflections to a minimum.

4. The user has the choice
The customer has the free choice and should also use it, e.g. to realize its design ideas or to meet its corporate design. For example, the doors are lacquered in different colours than the fixed parts of the enclosure. Or you set accents by adding the panels of the safety meshes and the posts in different colors.

5. We show our colors - Choose from many different RAL and NCS shades
We operate a highly modern and extremely flexible powder-coating system so that we can coat the safety equipment quickly and at extremely favourable conditions in your desired colour. Our safety fence systems are sandblasted and then powder coated - the guarantee for maximum durability and shock resistance!



There is no standard formula for the colour determination of safety devices.

Our recommendation:

Select the post color in the same color tone of the machine and combine the mesh in-fill in black or grey. For lacquer surfaces with sheet metal, they are best applied with a lacquer.