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Safety fence system ZAUN II - area elements

The stable, separating safety device is made up off ence elements with square profile frames and different filling versions, so that this system can be divided into two designs: ZAUN II grid fillings and ZAUN II area elements. The system ZAUN II is compatible with all Brühl door products. When the risk and danger assessment indicates a too-high force application to the safety fence, the components of the safety fence are designed more strongly.

At a glance: advantages of safety fence system ZAUN II

Frame structure
at particularly large heights and widths

Captive installation of the mounting material
Tabs remain with screws on the elements

High twist resistance/stability
Elements are made up of mitre-welded profile frames (no open frame profiles) with welded-in or inserted filling

Panel installation
with clamping angles, no adhesion, easy panel exchange possible

Cut outs
with angle or clamping profile as edge protection

Fastening screw
pre-installed for quick installation

Product information

Overview area elements

Overview Posts

Overview fence planning and definition of dimension between axes

Overview Frames and Frame Fillings


With our polycarbonate filling you get the opportunity for process insight and at the same time the protection against flying small parts


Technical data


DIN EN ISO 12100





CAD data

More info


ZAUN II tab on top, straight version with captive hexagon screw


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