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Safety fence system Aluminium ZAUN I

The aluminum safety fence system ZAUN I from Brühl is a sturdy safety guard consisting of standard grid elements and posts that are compatible with all Brühl door products. In the aluminum safety fence system ZAUN I we combine the best material properties of steel and aluminum in a continuous safety fence system. The modular concept enables optimal adaptation to a wide range of operational conditions with maximum safety.

Advantages at a glance

  • The protective fence elements consist of a 30/30 mm aluminum profile with screwed corner joints.
  • The protective fence elements can be combined with a wavy grate, sheet metal, perforated metal sheet, polycarbonate or guarded view.
  • The assembly and disassembly takes place from the safe outer side of the machine.
  • The captivity required by law of the fastener is met. The tabs remain with the screws on the grid elements - nothing is lost.
    • The safety fence system is available in different ground clearance (standard: 175 mm / reduced ground clearance: 20 mm).
    • The steel posts are sandblasted and powder coated - the guarantee for maximum impact resistance.
    • The fillings and posts of the protective fence system aluminum ZAUN I are available in different colors and galvanized versions.
    • Modern design with a flush fence: posts are not covered by lattice mats.

    Product information

    Type of posts

    Straight fence ZAUN I Aluminium

    Connection bottom side ZAUN I Aluminium

    Inner corner ZAUN I Aluminium

    Outer corner ZAUN I Aluminium

    T-joint fence ZAUN I Aluminium

    T-joint fence ZAUN I Aluminium

    Overview of posts

    Fence planning

    Posts 50

    Posts 60

    Axial dimension

    Due to the change in the post profile from 50 to 60 mm at heights> 2400 mm, the axial dimension increases by 10 mm.


    A filling made of polycarbonate gives you an optimal process overview - here with the example of a measuring system

    For your needs, we are happy to plan the execution of the protective device, here the example of a wire drawing

    Two ZAUN I elements placed one on top of the other make high fence courses possible

    Technical data


    DIN EN ISO 12100





    CAD data

    More info


    Aluminum ZAUN I bracket, straight version with captive hexagon screw

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    Aluminum ZAUN I bracket, angled version with captive hexagon screw

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