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Safety fence system WAND II sheet metal

The safety fence system WAND II by Brühl is made up of sheet metal elements and posts that are compatible with all Brühl door products. This stable, separating safety device is used in particular where
system safety through safety grids cannot be ensured and where additional ambience conditions – such as protection from smoke formation, protection from sight, sound or very small parts – must be considered. The system WAND II process view was developed specifically for areas where a view of the system is required.

At a glance: advantages of the safety fence system WAND II

Sight window installation
Sight windows of polycarbonate, sight protection panels and prevention of break through can be supplemented

Process view window
Large view, square window = simple exchange possible

Integrated height compensation
per field +/- 5 mm

Sight protection
Support of sheet metal walls on posts

High quality
Sheet elements are made of laser-cut and canted sheet metal

Full protection
Sight protection, spray protection, protection against particles, protection from bright light, smoke, heat, dust, laser, draft

Product information

Overview grid elements

Overview posts

Overview fence planning and axial dimension


The WAND II version requires a minimum horizontal safety distance to the danger area

Of course, our different systems can be combined with each other

Safety fence system WAND II as protective housing of a welding robot

The installation of a viewing guard allows a process view while protecting the eye from the welding arc

Our WAND II system provides a viewing guard and is therefore ideally suited for welding technology

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DIN EN ISO 12100





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