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Safety fence system HIGH RESISTANT

The robust safety fence system as supplementary modular safety device according to Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, DIN EN ISO 12100, ISO 10218-1, ISO 10218-2, DIN EN ISO 13857, DIN EN ISO 14119 and DIN EN ISO 14120. It was primarily designed for securing the danger areas of industrial robots and developed against impacts and material handling losses. "HIGH RESISTANT" is designed for the increased risk of a mechanical collision of the robot arm with the separating safety guard and can be supplemented or combined in certain areas with the safety fence systems ZAUN II and FLEX II. If access is required in the high-risk areas protected by the "HIGH RESISTANT" safety fence system, Brühl offers special interior sliding doors and inward opening safety double doors for this purpose.

Perforated plate 4 holes of 250 x 250 mm for a frictional anchorage of the base plate onto the floor


Frictional allround weld for connecting the base plate and the post profile


Frame of 35 x 35 mm profiles stabilisation strut


Easy combination with Brühl protective fence systems FLEX II and ZAUN II


L-profile tabs on the inside of the upper protective fence prevent the pushing out of a grid element field (protected by utility model)


Stable posts of 80 x 80 mm or 120 x 120 mm steel tube profile


Advantages High Resistant:

  • The elements consist of profile frames with welded-in FLEX II filling
  • The frame cross sections meet the requirements for stability and design.
  • The captivity required by law of the fastener is met. The tabs remain with the screws on the grid elements - nothing is lost
  • Mechanical stop: L-profile pockets on the inside of the upper protective fence prevent the pushing out of a fence element (protected by utility model).
  • Four-hole base plate of 250 x 250 mm for frictional anchoring of the base plate on the ground.
  • Base plate and post profile are connected by a frictional all-round weld.
  • The system can easily be supplemented by other components such as double doors or sliding doors and expanded to a complete solution with the FLEX II and ZAUN II protective fence systems.
  • All elements are sandblasted and powder coated - the guarantee for maximum impact resistance.
  • Modern design through flush fence: The posts are not covered by grid elements.
  • The protective fence system HIGH RESISTANT is available in different colors and galvanized versions.

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Fence planning

Wing doors & door opening

Wing doors & door opening

Proven safety

Pendulum test (ISO 14120)

The method is used by us to test the resistance of guards against impacts from outside the protected hazardous area and within the hazardous area.

Proven safety
Our HIGH RESISTANT safety fence system is designed according to the design guidelines of the standards ISO 12100, ISO 10218 and ISO 14120.


We are happy to assist you in the planning and selection of guards. The following risks can be considered:

  • Impact of robot arm or tool (with maximum possible speed in case of collision)
  • Loss of handling material (with maximum possible speed and maximum weight of the handling goods).


We plan and implement our protective devices especially tailored to your system

Also with our HIGH RESISTANT system can be planned and built individually according to your wishes

With our HIGH RESISTANT protective fence system, you get a particularly stable design

Fencing a rotary indexing table

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DIN EN ISO 12100





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