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Safety fence system FLEX II - High fence planning

The safety fence system FLEX II is a stable separating protective facility made of standard grid elements and posts that are compatible with all Brühl door products. The modular concept permits an optimal adjustment to the different operational situations and can be shortened individually on site.
The safety fence system FLEX II thus ensures maximum safety.

At a glance: advantages of the safety fence system FLEX II

Flexible width
Grids can be shortened in the grid by 23 mm in width.

Impossible to loose mounting material
Mounting material remains with screws on the elements.

High flatness, optimal process insight
by frameless design with a slot-shaped opening of 20 × 200 mm.

Assembly friendly
Lateral compensation tolerance of +/- 2.37 mm

Flexible angle position
Fence profile can be mounted at any angle (oval fence planning possible).

High stability with low weight
Grid elements consist of wires and rounded flat steel.

Slanted fence fields
for instance for conveyor technology inflows.

Integrated height compensation
per field +6/-1 mm.

Product information

Overview grid elements

Overview posts

Overview fence planning and axial definition

Overview special grid elements


High fence profile using the example of automation technology

Our skylight doors allow even at high altitudes a flat fence course

Stacked grid elements to reach your desired height

Technical data


DIN EN ISO 12100





CAD data

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Mounting element for connection FLEX II grid elements with polycarbonate

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