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Sliding door for handle or hook lock

In order to guarantee effective work processes for our customers, we rely on customer-specific solutions. That is why we have developed a wide range of sliding doors to optimally meet individual production processes. All doors can be integrated into our protective fence systems as modules with the corresponding frame filling and can be delivered in any color. Other special sizes and types are available on request.

At a glance: advantages of sliding doors

Comfortable operation
The standard version contains a precise aluminum guide profile - optionally also available as a steel guide Profile. 

Safe movement of the wings
Sturdy stops by stopper and inlet centering.

Fast assembly
Brühl sliding doors are very stable and guarantee a quick installation - without wasting time on the construction site.

Different ground clearances
All doors are supplied as standard with 175 mm or 20 mm ground clearance.

Flexible planning
The door posts are prepared for a passage as well as a corner situation. This has a positive influence on the assembly time and the flexibility on the construction site.

The sliding doors are compatible with Brühl mounting systems for safety switches.

Customised solutions
Depending on requirements, an individual design is possible - in different colors and with hot dip galvanizing.

Maximum impact resistance
All elements are sandblasted and powder coated.


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