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Self-supporting sliding door with hook lock

As a further module to our system fences, we offer our customers self-supporting sliding doors in various designs, in which widths of up to 4 m can be realised. The typical areas of application for self-supporting sliding doors can be found wherever no guide elements may be present in the opening area (e.g. in crane guide areas or during material feed and removal by forklift trucks).

At a glance: advantages of self-supporting sliding doors

No disturbing guide elements
No guide elements on the floor or above the clear opening. Smooth, durable guide elements. Precise ball runner optionally available.

Suitable for large opening
Due to the opposing arrangement of two self-supporting sliding doors suitable for securing openings up to 8 m. Two-leaf design for bridging large openings feasible.

Fast assembly
Brühl doors are very sturdy and guarantee quick installation, as they are completely pre-assembled - without wasting time on the construction site.

Easy height adjustment
A height adjustment of the guide unit can be quickly realized by adjusting screws.

Maximum impact resistance
All elements are sandblasted and powder coated.

Flexible planning
The door posts are prepared for a passage as well as a corner situation. This has a positive influence on the assembly time and the flexibility on the construction site.

Small space requirement
The types FSTST / FSTGT reach a telescopic wing guide to minimize the total space requirement. To further reduce space requirements, the double-leaf type FSTG-2 / FSTS-2 is used.


Customised solutions
Depending on requirements, an individual design is possible - in different colors and with hot dip galvanizing. Self-supporting sliding doors are available in combination with our mounting systems for safety switches.

Product informations

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Handle with bullet crossbow for sliding doors



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