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Safety doors

Which door is the right one for your facility access? A functional wing door, a comfortable sliding door, a self-supported sliding door without annoying guide elements in the opening area or a particularly space-saving version like the folding door or the telescopic sliding door? You can use many different door systems that meet your individual production runs.

Wing doors

The Brühl wing doors are an optimal solution of or particularly cost-efficient and functional fence facilities. Thanks to the great diversity of this build, you will surely find the right product for any application to be integrated into your individual production processes.

Swing doors, door wings

Swing doors permit quick access to the machine area and are particularly suitable for use on turning tables or assembly belts. Door wings are integrated directly at your machine and usually used in removal and equipment stations.

Swing door

Swing door with high post

Door wing for handle, latch or deadlock slam lock

Sliding doors

The sliding doors by Brühl are the right choice at a limited space offer. Thanks to the continuous sill rockers, the door wing can be moved freely. The guide rail has stoppers installed as limitation. These stoppers also serve to protect the safety switch.

Folding wing doors, folding sliding doors

Folding wing doors are a particularly space-saving with very limited opening and travel paths or in case no guide elements are possible in the opening area (folding wing doors).

Sliding doors, telescopic

Narrow space conditions and the desire for maximum access width determine the application of the telescopic sliding doors. Due to their variable applications, the sliding doors are ideal for e.g. Material storage.

Self-supporting sliding doors

Wherever it is not possible to use guide elements on the ground (forklift traffic) or in the upper area (crane), self-supporting sliding doors are used. If you need a particularly space-saving solution, choose telescopic or double-leaf sliding doors.

Lift panels, self-supporting panels

Due to their vertical travel direction, manually operated lift panels are particularly space-saving. To protect the machine operator, the weight runs concealed in the post. The wing is protected by several suspension elements against falling. In order to be able to carry out maintenance and adjustment work on machines and systems, it is not always necessary to use a door. Here one could use self-supporting panels by Brühl.


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