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Find out everything worth knowing about Brühl and our products - cinematically processed and put to the point. In addition to brief explanatory films on the handling, adjustment or maintenance of our protective equipment, we have also captured our entrepreneurial development in image and sound for you. Just click, watch and get to know Brühl better at a glance.

Information & tools

Safety Fence Designer

Safety Know-how

Product variety

Pre-mounted components

3D product videos

BRÜHL Safety Fence System FLEX II

BRÜHL Safety Fence System ZAUN II

BRÜHL Safety Fence System WAND II

BRÜHL FTW - wing door, two-way opening

BRÜHL-GR® -- handle system - switch: Euchner MGB

BRÜHL-GR® -- handle system - switch: Schmersal AZM200

BRÜHL-GRK® -- handle system with ball catch -- switch: Pilz PSEN

BRÜHL-RI® -- latch system -- switch: Euchner TP

BRÜHL-HP-F® -- mounting plate system for wing doors - switch: Schmersal AZM 161

BRÜHL-HP-S® -- mounting plate system for sliding doors -- switch: Euchner TZ

BRÜHL-UER® -- roll over latch system - switch: Schmersal MZM100

BRÜHL-SN-S -- switch cam system -- switch: Siemens 3SE5

BRÜHL-SN-F -- switch cam system -- switch: Siemens 3SE5

SV - preparation for safety switch

Product videos


FTR - wing door for handle, latch or deadbolt slam lock

PT - swing door

STS - sliding door with hook lock

STSW - sliding door with hook lock, two-way opening

STGW - sliding door for handle, two-way opening


FSTG-2 - self-supporting sliding door


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