Eye Safety Fence (ESF)
Eye Safety Fence

A protective fencing system with many possible applications

One example of the many possible applications of the Eye Safety Fence (ESF) protective fence system are welding and laser processing lines, particularly on a large scale, as well as processes that require a high level of safety.

The system is available in two standard heights (2200 mm and 2700 mm), but can be customized to suit individual project requirements. The ground clearance of 180 mm can be reduced to 20 mm using the floor element.

The sophisticated technical design enables lateral tolerance compensation, which makes installation easy. It is also possible to shorten the width of the panel elements on site using standard assembly tools without reworking or repainting the elements.

The sheet metal panel elements are hooked into the posts, which ensures easy installation by just one person and saves an enormous amount of time. During assembly, the panel elements overlap, creating a completely opaque surface. Openings are possible for the installation of switch cabinets, for example.

The posts are made from a shaped tube, and cut-outs are already made on the sides during production for hanging the panel elements. There are two bendable tabs at two points to enable potential equalization.

The process view can optionally be realized by a window with different fillings, such as polycarbonate or welding protection.

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