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1. Protection and safety


Machine damage is expensive, personal injury is tragic - with more than 35 years of experience and a state-of-the-art production, BRÜHL ensures your personal, machine and plant safety.

2. Robustness, stability and longevity


BRÜHL produces high-quality and durable safety fence systems by the use of quality materials and their continuous control by wear tests - so that the safety fence does not become the weak point.

3. Made in Germany


Highly trained employees, optimal economic conditions and high environmental standards - in order to maintain this, BRÜHL produces the entire range of separating safety devices exclusively at its location in Germany.

4. Qualified consultation


Before the sale, the analysis of your concrete application is made. With know-how and a competent service BRÜHL ensures appropriate solutions.

5. Certified quality

Before the market launch, BRÜHL test all the safety components with various product tests in the in-house test laboratory. Brühl Safety GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV for the following areas: Development, distribution, manufacture and assembly of safety equipment for machine and plant safety.

6. Fast delivery

Depending on the product, BRÜHL guarantees a fast delivery time of 7 to 14 working days. If it's important, it's even faster!

7. Round-the-clock service and customer loyalty


As a modern service provider, BRÜHL supports customers in the assembly, maintenance and repair of all safety devices and is also available for door tests and risk assessments with a Europe-wide service network.


8. Custom-made products - even personalized


BRÜHL's wide product range offers individual solutions for all industrial sectors - and if you do not have the right equipment for your plant, you will receive a personalised special design.


9. Excellent value for money

BRÜHL reacts flexibly and dynamically to the requirements of the market: Through efficient and effective production, customers receive optimal safety systems at excellent conditions.

Product testing


We also play it safe


Therefore, all products are carefully tested in their own test lab. For the safety of the customer. Only when they have proved their durability in realistic simulated wear tests, they are released to the market.

Execution of impact tests on fixed separating machine safety devices.